Tamarindo Drink

Posted by Kenneth S on June 24, 2019


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Tamarindo Drink

Tamarind Drink (Refresco De Tamarindo). Tamarind drink is a type of agua fresca popular throughout Latin America and typically sold in most Mexican food courts here in Southern California. It’s made of fresh tamarind pods are that are shelled and deveined and then simmered in water to soften and to extract the pulp.

Jamaican Foods And Recipes. Instructions Plave the tamarind pulp in a large kitchen bowl. Pour the boiling water into the bowl onto the tamarind. After 1 minute, try crushing the tamarind with a fork. Add the grated giner and leave to cool. When to water is cool enough not to burn, using your hands to break the tamarind apart

Agua De Tamarindo Recipe With Tamarind Pods. Agua de tamarindo or "tamarind water" is one of the most common and well-loved aguas frescas in all of Mexico. The earthy sweet and sour flavor—with its definitely bracing acidic note—is most welcome on a hot day.

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